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Visual Resources
Great Americans for Children: Susan B. Anthony Schlessinger Media 24 min (Sarfari Montage Streaming) 2002
*Safari Montage Streaming has a wide variety of primary footage of suffrage parades, NAWSA headquarters and other original suffrage events

Political Cartoons “Election Day”

Online Databases
elibrary elementary – “Susan B. Anthony” (news, magazines, books, maps, audio, visual)
Gale Kids Infobits – “Susan B. Anthony” (biographies, articles, visuals, audio)

Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony Biography

National Susan B. Anthony House and Museum Programs
Tour and Program: Change It! Shaping Women’s Rights in America
Using Susan B. Anthony and the 19th century women’s rights movement as a backdrop, students will learn about different methods of reform by touring her National Historic Landmark home and participating in an interactive, hands-on workshop. They will gain access to unique primary source materials, and then use these historical resources to help stage their very own mock demonstration.

Virtual Tour via


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For information on educational resources and programming, please contact:

Annie Callanan

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