Sharing Stories

For every visitor at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House, our staff and volunteers are dedicated to “keeping Susan B. Anthony’s vision alive & relevant”. Our tours and programs aim to “challenge individuals to make a positive difference in their lives and communities”. Our passion is sharing Susan B. Anthony’s story with all of you, but it is always special when guests share their stories with us: what brought them to the House or how a previous visit inspired them in some way.

On May 17th, 2014, a smiling woman appeared in our Visitor Center, dressed in graduation cap & gown, and proclaimed, “The Susan B. Anthony House changed my life”. This guest had attended one of our women’s programs several years ago, when she was middle-aged and homeless. That day, something about the House and the story of Susan B. Anthony inspired her. “Susan B. Anthony said ‘Failure is impossible!’ and I decided it was time for me to tackle the barriers in my life,” she said. “Today, I graduated with a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling from the University of Rochester. I came here as soon as the graduation ceremony was over to say thank you”.

Susan B. Anthony, who in the 1890’s worked to admit the first women to the University of Rochester, would have loved to hear this story. It certainly touched every one here that day and has inspired us in return.


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