School Programs

We offer tours and programs throughout the year. To make a reservation please call 235-6124 x 1 or email


Explore the idea of change through a hands-on educational program. Protest a right denied to women in the 1800s. Imagine different ways people make positive change happen.

- 1.5-hour program, 4th grade - High School

- A 45-minute tour focusing on Susan B. Anthony as a reformer followed by 45 minutes of activities in the Carriage House.


How does it feel not to have rights? What did people do to make things fair? How can you make the world better for everyone?

- Hour long program for second grade, includes tour and presentation.

- On-site or virtual


What is justice? How do we get it? Explore issues you care about, create a mission statement and a poster for advocacy.

- Two hour program for high school

- A 45-minute tour focusing on advocacy and civil disobedience followed by an activity and presentation in the Carriage House.


Who was Susan B. Anthony? How did she inspire? What inspires you?

- 45-minute tour touching on the life and work of Susan B. Anthony. What's changed and what work still needs to be done?

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