Women's Initiative

  • This 2 hour program begins with a tour of the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House and is followed by activities in the Carriage House focusing on drama, communication, perseverance, resources, and networking.

  • This program is used as a source of inspiration for women needing strength as they make important changes in their lives. 

  • We have served women from the following programs:  Sojourner House, Department of Veterans Affairs, Mercy Residential Services, Stutzman Treatment Center, Norris Treatment Center, Park Ridge Women’s Shelter, St. Joseph's Women-on-the-Move, and Coffee Connection. We welcome any group seeking inspiration in making positive changes in their lives.

  • This program is available weekdays in any 2 hour block of time of your choosing. Cost: $100 for non-profits (up to 12 participants) and $200 for all others (up to 12 participants).

  • Coffee is served.


Evaluation comments from past participants:

“The whole experience was inspiring, educational, and also empowering.”

“I felt empowered.  Energized.”

“It was so amazing to learn of some of the trials and tribulations she went through.  It was so empowering and inspiring to me.  I can’t thank you enough.  You have truly inspired me to climb out of this hole I am in and become great!  As she said “Failure is Impossible!”  You have touched my life.”

“It made me see that I am not alone, and that I can make a difference.”


If you would like to make a reservation,
or simply have questions,
please contact the Program Director