Professional Development

The following program has been created for teachers. If you are interested in a program for another profession, please contact Program Director Annie Callanan (585.235.6124) to discuss curriculum and rates.

Professional Development Opportunities for teachers at the Susan B. Anthony House:

This 4 hour experience includes a tour of the Susan B. Anthony House and uses your district’s curriculum or we create a program to meet your needs.

Our own programs include: 40 Assets, Primary Sources for Woman’s Rights, Our school program called Change-it!, Visual Literacy, or a history topic you request.

The program can fill up to 3 hours in our Carriage House meeting space: enjoy our comfortable space with tables, chairs, PowerPoint options, and tea and coffee provided.

Cost per person:

$17.00 per person (minimum $250.00 total) for tour, space, and tea/coffee, for your own program
$22.00 per person (minimum $400.00 total) for tour, space, tea/coffee, and a program we create for you