A Fifth-Grade Feminist

Keeping Susan B. Anthony’s vision alive and relevant is our passion at the Susan B. Anthony Museum & House. But how do we measure our impact in the world? Here’s what a fifth-grade teacher shared with our program director, Annie Callanan, after his class experienced our “Change It!” program yesterday:

“Thank you again!! My class had a wonderful time and got so much out of the program.

“On our way back one of my students confronted a group of construction workers and told them she didn’t like their ‘Men Working’ sign. She told them it should say ‘People Working’. One gentleman pointed out that there were only men on the crew. My lovely [student] responded with, “ Well I have another issue, why are there no women on your crew? Shoot, I can do this work.” A group of grown men dumbfounded by the brass of my beautiful young student. Thank you for inspiring them!! It was awesome!!”

I imagine Susan B. Anthony would approve!

Thank you, teacher Dale Spafford, for getting your students to the Anthony House for a field trip. Thank you, fifth graders! We are impressed that you applied for a scholarship to cover your admission and that you all walked here!  Thank you, Joanne French and Bonnie Anne Briggs, our two volunteer docents who led the program (we have 110 inspiring volunteer docents!).  Thank you, Lois and Arn Hart, for providing the scholarship funds that covered the admission for this class.

We love that this particular class came from Clara Barton School #2. Mary Anthony, Susan’s sister, was the first female principal at School #2, where she demanded equal pay for equal work more than a century ago and got it!!  Not only was Clara Barton the founder the American Red Cross, but she was a friend of Mary and Susan B. Anthony and a SUFFRAGIST herself!

Finally, we want to say thank you to the courageous young woman from Mr. Spafford’s fifth grade class who is keeping Susan B. Anthony’s vision alive and relevant!!