1. What is VoteTilla?

VoteTilla is a week-long Commemoration and Celebration of the 100th anniversary of woman suffrage in New York State. It will involve a week-long journey along the Erie Canal from July 17-21, 2017. With a core of five rented, 10-passenger, canal packet boats, VoteTilla will set out from Seneca Falls, New York on Monday July 17th and arrive in Rochester on Friday July 21st, finishing the week with events in Rochester on Friday evening and on Saturday. Stops on the Canal will include Clyde, Lyons, Newark, Palmyra, Fairport and Pittsford. Three of the boats will be sponsored and driven by volunteers from the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House (the “House”), while the other two will be sponsored and driven by volunteers from the Susan B. Anthony Center of the University of Rochester, and the Women’s Rights National Historic Park in Seneca Falls.

2. Why do you refer to the singular “Woman Suffrage”?

The writings from the Suffrage movement around 1917 refer to woman suffrage rather than “women’s suffrage” as we might refer to it today. We’ve adopted this to reflect its original use.

3. Why is the Celebration taking place on the Erie Canal?

Historically, the Erie Canal, celebrating its bi-centennial this year, served as the main thoroughfare across the State in the 1800s for Susan B. Anthony and other activists. The route between Seneca Falls and Rochester connects two of the most important locations in the suffrage movement. Symbolically, it also represents the slow progress of the woman suffrage movement.

4. What is the Canal trip itinerary?

The details of the itinerary can be found here. This page is updated often as new activities and details are added.

5. What will be happening on the VoteTilla boats and at the Canal landing sites?

Some of the passengers on the boats will include reenactors of well-known historical characters such as Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, and also reenactors of everyday people in period dress. At each stop the reenactors from the boats will be joined by other reenactors and will stage performances written for the VoteTilla event. In addition, there will be other activities put on by the landing site community or other community organizations. You may find an historic re-enactment, a musical event, or a panel discussion. You can find detailed information for each visit at here, and be sure to check for information published by the Village or Town where we will stop.

6. What are the special events planned for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in Rochester?

There will be festivities as the VoteTilla boats reach the Corn Hill landing site in Rochester mid-day on Friday July 21st. Activities will include a fly-over by a small plane flying a VOTES FOR WOMEN banner, musical performances, and the reenactors will also perform. In the evening, the City of Rochester will have the inaugural ROC Women’s Music Festival. The headliners include Joan Osborne, MC Lyte and Meshell Ndegeocello, alongside local artists Mikaela Davis and Teagan and the Tweeds.
On Saturday, the last mile of the week-long journey will be covered by a parade having the theme of “BECAUSE OF WOMEN LIKE HER.” The parade will begin at Court Street and proceed to Madison Street, the location of the National Susan B Anthony Museum & House, where there will be other activities and events after the parade.
For more details on step off, or to register to march in  the parade click here  or contact parade@susanb.org.
On Sunday July 23 at 10am, the First Unitarian Church at 220 Winton Road, hosts a performance of  “An Equal Right to Act: Remembering the Rochester Woman’s Right Convention of 1848”
Be sure to visit the Suffrage Centennial Exhibit at the Rundell Library in Rochester.

More Information on the New York State Suffrage Centennial can be found here:

  • Rochester Area Suffrage Centennial Alliance (RASCA)    rocsuffrage

7. Who do I contact if I am interested in volunteering to help with an event?

Go to VoteTilla.org for information on how to volunteer. We will need many volunteers along the route and for the parade — please complete and submit the appropriate form to let us know your interest.
Go to VoteTilla.org if you would like to be a reenactor. We have several options for that level of involvement. Please complete and submit the appropriate form.

8. My organization is interested in doing an event during the week of VoteTilla at its location. Who should I inform, and will VoteTilla participants be informed of my event?

Please let us know by completing and submitting the appropriate form or emailing VoteTilla.org

9. Can I or my organization partner with or promote VoteTilla in some way?

Yes, there are a number of levels of “partner.”
• A Program Partner can offer to provide programing at a landing site as part of the landing site programs conducted by the House. Application must be made to the House for this status.
• A Location Partner is a community or community organization that will provide activities, celebrations or decorations to mark the visit by the VoteTilla boats.
• Votes for Women Trail Partners are long-standing partners who will be recognized in the program materials.
• Volunteer Partners are groups that can get involved by participating in activities such as making costumes, bunting, landing site decorations, materials for distribution, or providing needed helpers at the landing sites and along the way.
• Sponsorship Partners are organizations and individuals who make financial or in-kind contributions at various levels.
• Promotion Partners are organizations which will promote VoteTilla in their newsletters, social media, or other materials.

10. If my organization wants to advertise its event, can it use the VoteTilla logo in any advertisement or promotional material?

No, unless permission is first obtained from the House and the advertisement or promotional material makes clear, by including a statement provided by the House, that your event is not being conducted by the House. For example, that statement could say “The program and activities described herein are being conducted by (your organization) and not the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum.”

11. I want to support VoteTilla financially.  Are sponsorships available?  If so, will I be recognized in the promotional materials for the VoteTilla event?

Yes! We’d love to discuss this with you. Please use the contact form at VoteTilla.org.

12. Is VoteTilla information available on social media outlets?

Yes. Check out our Facebook page for updates, and livestreams during the event. facebook — www.facebook.com/VoteTilla-1301940136496525
Twitter: twitter.com/VoteTilla