Internships at the National Susan B Anthony Museum & House

The National Susan B Anthony Museum & House offers internships for students of any age who are interested in exploring careers and opportunities in the museum field (or related fields) through an intensive, hands-on learning experience.

With certain exceptions, our internships are not paid positions.

To be considered for an internships, a candidate must be able to commit to at least 80 on-site hours at the Museum, completed within a specific, designated time period. On-site hours will follow a set schedule to be determined by the intern and their supervisor. Attendance will be mandatory.

  • During the summer, the “designated time period” is typically one month, during which the intern is expected to work on-site a minimum of 20 hours per week
  • During the traditional school year, the designated time period may be 8-10 weeks, during which the intern is expected to work a minimum of 80 hours

General Internships

The Susan B Anthony Museum & House is a complex organization with a small staff, which allows us to provide a broad experience for interns. The focus and breadth of the intern’s responsibilities will be determined by the needs of the organization balanced with the skills, experience, and learning objectives of the intern. Each internĀ  will be expected to develop and complete a project during the course of their internship. Projects serve a dual purpose: 1) they provide the intern an opportunity to pursue a particular area of interest and build his or her resume, and 2) they result in a “deliverable” that contributes to the mission and strategic goals of the organization. An intern should expect to spend approximately half of his or her time on priority tasks and the balance of the on-site time will be allocated to the project.

Most internships will fall into this “general” category; however, an intern may elect to concentrate his or her experience in an area such as: museum administration, institutional advancement, visitor services, interpretation and programs, historic property management, and public relations.

Collections Management Internships

The capacity of the Anthony Museum to provide appropriate supervision for internships in collections management is limited by the small staff of the organization; however, there are interesting and challenging opportunities for the right intern who comes with maturity, professionalism, and a strong knowledge or experience base. To be considered for an internship focused in collections management, a candidate must have prior experience in collections management (paid or unpaid), be enrolled in a graduate-level museum program, and/or be a recent graduate of a museum studies program. Graduate students should have the support of a faculty member who will agree to meet with them regularly to provide advice and guidance on their project.

Applying for an Internship

If you would like to apply for an internship at the Susan B Anthony Museum & House, please submit a letter of interest to the president & CEO. This letter should address:

  • Who you are (name, address, email, or other contact information)
  • Why you are interested in an internship at the Anthony Museum at this time, including: a) what you would hope to gain from the internship, and b) what the Anthony Museum might gain from having you as an intern
  • When you would like to be an intern, including: a) specific start and end dates (i.e. March 15 – June 15), b) days/times available (i.e. weekdays before 2pm, weekends only, etc.), and c) number of hours per week (i.e. minimum of 10, maximum of 40, etc.)
  • Anything else you’d like us to know
  • Provide names and contact information for two references
  • Attach a resume, vitae, or work history

Applications are reviewed monthly. Follow up interviews will be scheduled with the strongest candidates. If you have not heard back from us within three weeks of submitting your application, please feel free to call the administrative office at 585-279-7490 to inquire as to the status of your application.


Letter of application should be sent via post to:

“Internship Inquiry”

President & CEO

National Susan B Anthony Museum & House

17 Madison Street

Rochester, NY 14608