Historic Neighborhood Wants YOU this Election Day!

With a ballot in her hand...

Rochester, NY – The Susan B. Anthony Historic Preservation District will play host to several activities celebrating Election Day on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014:

Stop by the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House at 17 Madison Street (open 11am – 5pm), to pay tribute to Susan B. Anthony and the pioneers who made it possible for us to vote! Add your on camera “Thank you, Susan B!” to our video collection and tell us what the right to vote means to you. While you’re here, enter a drawing for a limited edition “Ms. Anthony” Purse with a Purpose, part of the Abigail Riggs Collection.

Relax over lunch at the 1872 Café (open 6:30am – 3pm), located at 431 West Main Street – on the spot where Susan B. Anthony and 14 other women made history by voting in that year’s presidential election. The Café will be offering new menu items and drawings throughout the day. Prizes include 1872 Café travel mugs, guest passes to the Anthony Museum, and a complimentary lunch for two at the Café.

While you’re in the neighborhood, take a stroll through Susan B. Anthony Square Park, redesigned at the turn of the century by the Olmsted brothers, and home to “Let’s Have Tea”, an interactive statue of Susan B. Anthony & Frederick Douglass by local artist, Pepsy Kettavong.

Follow Rochester’s Heritage Trail, a 1.25 mile long path, from the Public Library’s Rundel Building to the Anthony Museum.

For more information, please visit www.susanbanthonyhouse.org.

A few words from our ‘Ms. Anthony’ customers

“I love the bag!” from Stella.

“I am so happy with my purse and also happy to know the revenue is for a great cause. My best friend couldn’t help but go and purchase one for herself!” from Naomi.

“I purchased this bag collectively along with some friends as a gift for our friend’s 40th birthday…about 20 minutes ago I pulled out the DVD and watch it tearfully. I have been so inspired that I plan on coming back this week to buy another as a gift for my mentor!” from Michelle.

“I purchased the ‘Ms. Anthony’ as a gift for a friend on the occasion of her recent retirement. Hopefully you will be hearing from me regarding my own ‘Ms. Anthony.’ I have dropped several very obvious hints to my husband that I want one! And Mother’s Day is just around the corner,” from Paula.

“Beautiful purse to honor a great lady and to support a wonderful cause,” from Patricia.

Overheard in our Carriage House: a woman visiting the Anthony House last week told of a group of 5 of her friends who purchased one ‘Ms. Anthony’ purse to share among them. They have put a notepad in the bag. The intention is to take turns carrying it for special occasions or on trips and log all the places ‘Ms. Anthony’ visits and the people she meets.

Ms. Anthony Product Details

The purse is a contemporary interpretation of Susan B. Anthony’s trademark alligator purse. This limited edition, faux alligator handbag is 17″wide and 5″deep, standing 11″ to the top of the zipper closure and 17″ from the bottom to the top of the handles. The exterior is a glossy, deep chocolate brown; the interior is a warm fawn color. The synthetic material is easily cleaned and durable.  Ms. Anthony is designed to fit comfortably over the shoulder and accommodates a mini laptop and a host of other essentials. It features two quotes from Susan B. Anthony: a plate reading “Failure is impossible” on the back of the purse, and “Every woman needs a purse of her own” stamped on the reverse of the Abigail Riggs Collection “bee” medallion on the front. Each handbag is numbered and only 2,000 have been produced. Women of all ages are proud to carry this beautiful modern handbag as a reminder of the pioneer who believed that every woman should have the right to economic independence and financial success. One hundred percent of the purchase price benefits the mission and programs of the Susan B. Anthony House.

Alligator Purse Rhyme

The traveling champion of the women’s rights movement, Susan B. Anthony, was recognized by two trademarks: her red shawl and her alligator “purse.”  You can see the famous alligator bag she carried across the United States and to Europe when you visit the Susan B. Anthony House at 17 Madison Street in Rochester, NY.  You may recognize this children’s jump-rope rhyme Read More

A Purse of Her Own

Susan B. Anthony worked for many reforms, including suffrage, temperance, and abolition, but found that women were hampered by their lack of power–their lack of money.  In the early nineteenth century, very few occupations were open to women.  Once married, a woman could not open a bank account, Read More

Limited edition “Ms. Anthony” Alligator Bag Available for Pre-order

Ms. AnthonyWe would like to introduce you to “Ms. Anthony.” Designed by the Abigail Riggs Collection for the Susan B. Anthony House, Ms. Anthony is a numbered, limited edition purse–a contemporary version of Susan B Anthony’s trademark alligator bag.  Gail Riggs, principal of the Abigail Riggs Collection, designed the purse and generously offered it to the Susan B. Anthony House to use as a fundraiser. The Abigail Riggs Collection is known for its stunning, one-of-a-kind purses and gift items and for its generous philanthropy and support of the community. The Susan B. Anthony House is deeply grateful to Gail and the Abigail Riggs Collection for this opportunity.

The Susan B. Anthony House will launch its Purse with a Purpose—”Ms. Anthony”—with a reception and preview of the bag on Monday, December 13 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Mann’s Jewelers, 2945 Monroe Avenue, Pittsford. In addition to all revenue for the purses, a percentage of other sales in Mann’s on that evening will be donated to the Susan B. Anthony House.

Orders will be taken that evening for the handbag, or you can order now online. Read More