School Programs

(K–12 class tours $120* and K-12 programs $150, paid in advance.)

Change It!

Shaping Women’s Rights in America
Exciting Interactive Program for grades 4–12

  • 1.5-hour program
  • A 45-minute tour focusing on Miss Anthony as a reformer is followed by 45 minutes of activities in the Carriage House. Includes time at our small neighborhood park with statues of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.
  • Sessions scheduled on school days.

Agents of Change

 (Adapted to meet 7th grade Common Core Social Studies 7.7 requirements)

  • 2-hour program designed for secondary schools bringing a bus tour to Rochester.
  • Sessions scheduled on school days.
  • Includes 45-minute tour of Susan B. Anthony House, plus time in the Carriage House looking at original documents and artifacts from the women’s movement.
  • Includes time at the park, and opportunity to collect litter.

Second Grade Tour

Meets Common Core requirements (ELA Domain #1A)

  • 40-minute tour focusing on Fighting for a Cause, Equality, and Making Things Fair.
    •  Includes needed vocabulary
  • Sessions scheduled as Teachers make reservations.
    • During School Hours.
  •  Classes can rotate with games in the Park for $150.*
  • Classes can rotate with Posters & Parade activities in the Carriage House for $150.*
  • A Virtual Tour option exists for this program. The cost is $250.


To Register: Contact our Programs by calling 585/235-6124 x1 or via email.