Nursing Friends of Susan B. Anthony House

The mission of Nursing Friends of Susan B. Anthony House is to inspire change through the legacy of Susan B. Anthony. we invite all nurses to become members of the Nursing Friends and help us:

    • share the story of the connection between Susan B. Anthony and nursing,
    • celebrate nursing history and promote the profession of nursing, and
    • advocate for and encourage membership in the National Susan B. Anthony Museum & House

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The Beginning of…
Nursing Friends of Susan B. Anthony House

Elaine Marshall
Elaine S. Marshall, RN, Ph.D.

In November of 2009, a gathering of nursing professionals in nursing education, research, and practice from local health-care organizations and area colleges convened at the Susan B. Anthony House in Rochester, NY. They were there to listen to a spirited and inspiring presentation by Elaine S. Marshall, RN, Ph.D., Endowed Chair and Director of Nursing Scholarship at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Marshall has done extensive research on the two nurses who attended both Susan B. Anthony and her sister, Mary S. Anthony, in their final illnesses. Dr. Marshall surprised her Rochester audience with exciting information about the connections between the great reformer and the development of nursing as a profession.

Dr. Marshall, a native of Utah, also surprised the group of mostly Rochesterians with previously little-known information about the significant role Rochester played in the establishment of the modern profession of nursing. Inspired by this rich local history, excited by the connections between Susan B. Anthony and nursing, the group organized Nursing Friends of Susan B. Anthony House that day.

Read Dr. Marshall’s article, “Margaret Shanks, Nurse to Susan B. Anthony: Exploring the Extraordinary in the ‘Ordinary'”, from Advances in Nursing Science, Vol. 32, No. 1.